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Employee engagement at FTSE 350 companies


For employees working at enterprise-scale businesses, the choice of benefits has never been greater. The recent trend for the adoption of wider benefits, including salary sacrifice schemes and wellbeing policies, as well as the impending implementation of auto-enrolment when it comes to pensions, means there is a wider range of options than ever before.


With departmental HR budgets under pressure, a key challenge is ensuring engagement and uptake of all these policies, so wider benefits can be justified from a cost perspective and peripheral benefits avoided. With this in mind, today's HR manager uses a range of methods to gauge staff enthusiasm before, during and after the development of new benefits strategies.


We looked to gain an insight into these methods at FTSE 350 companies, to find out how HR departments are gaining input from staff members via surveys and online platforms to drive decision-making.


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AG Barr

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